Astrological Report for Spring Equinox 2018, and Ideas for Celebration and Ritual

Spring Equinox Image
Painting by Amanda Clark

At 12:15 PM EST, the Sun moves into Aries, and we officially reach the Spring Equinox! Known as Alban Eilir in the Druid tradition, it’s the time of equal light and darkness in the waxing half of the year as we move toward the full bloom of light and lush abundance at the Summer Solstice, and the beginning of another astrological new year. Though those “new year” energies won’t be entirely ripe for the most potent planting until the Aries New Moon on April 15, we’ll certainly be feeling the impulse to get things moving in the direction of our dreams.

This year’s spring equinox is a good time to pause before the challenges of Mercury Rx from March 22 – April 15. With the Moon in earthy Taurus forming a trine to Saturn in Capricorn today, we’re more supported in achieving a greater sense of balance as we move through the equinox energy gateway – a wonderful energetic support, as fire energies become dominant and earthy energies will bring steadfastness, resolve, and more peace to the mix. It’s a good day to set intentions for physical abundance, to get back to the body, to put our efforts into building something strong and solid out of our ambitions.

And there’s no shortage of passion to help us plow forward, despite the Mercury station energies at present. MERCURY meets with VENUS in a conjunction today, and a new annual cycle begins. We might feel that we’ve reached a standstill in relationship circumstances and desires that leave us feeling angry; frustrations with having what we want in terms of physical abundance, in having the physique we wish to have; or even in feelings of jealousy springing up that spill out in more toxic ways that unusual. That’s not surprisingly, with these two planets squaring PLUTO for this conjunction, and Mercury turning retrograde on the 22nd.

Though Alban Eilir spurs us into action as the fiery Aries Sun impels us to set things off with a bang, Mercury’s station shows that we may be revising that which is set into motion now through its station direct on April 15. This is a natural part of an unfolding process, and points to aspects of our soul’s growth when this energy is woven into new beginnings as it is this week.

Spring Equinox Woman Gathering

Points for Contemplation

  • What dreams am I carrying that are ready to spring into life within me? And what inner/outer impediments are keeping me from fulfilling their manifestation? Issues that might present themselves in the collective are impulsivity, anger triggers, jealousy, karmic issues related to love, money, self-worth, and pleasure.
  • What old themes are emerging in my life for reassessment around these issues, or my perceptions of Self and life in general? (Make time to meditate on these from March 22 – April 15 especially). Am I willing to welcome these experiences as teachers on the path? Am I willing to revisit old daunting issues with courage, knowing that greater strength and expression of I AM consciousness await as I move through challenges to my autonomy?
  • Can I feel gratitude for that which is already growing or fully bloomed as I work toward new goals? Gratitude and honoring our accomplishments so far is powerful medicine for moving forward with greater trust in the process of life, and thanksgiving for gifts already received.
  • Am I willing to be flexible enough to sow new seeds and flow with the need to make changes to what’s set in motion now, carrying this awareness through the season?
  • How can I release patterns of impatience, impulsivity, and toxic anger in ways that block my progress? ​

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

  • Create an Alban Eilir altar space, simple or elaborate, that symbolizes what spring means and feels like to you – a space that captures the essence of new life springing forward. Traditional decorations are eggs (colored beeswax egg candles are lovely!), pastel-colored flowers such as tulips, daffodils, or spring wildflowers that are blooming in your area. Pastel candlesticks in purple, green, pink, and white are beautiful additions. Rabbits are also associated with Alban Eilir, as they are connected with fertility, new life, leaps forward, and overcoming fears to experience success. Use this space for meditation, journaling, contemplation, or ritual throughout the season.
  • Commune with nature. Make time for connecting with Earth Mother by spending time outside. Enjoy time in a garden, earthing in your backyard, putting food out for animal visitors, or finding a space for simple outdoor ritual and meditation. I often brew ceremonial cacao for spiritual sojourns into the wild, allowing her medicine to open new realms of awareness, experience, and healing while communing with the natural world (and the Elementals that thrive there!). Consider taking a small Crane Bag or pocket altar, filled with sacred objects, to consecrate your chosen destination and connect more deeply with the spirits of the land. Or have a bonfire, celebrating the returning of the Sun’s light and vitality to brighten our days, and the infusion of Aries Sun energy filling us with the passion and drive to act with courage on new beginnings. Call in the fire spirits for support; sing and drum to move energy and experience healing. Scry with fire as you would with water or mirrors, asking messages and next steps to become clear. Envision this fire burning away the last of winter and stagnant energies that might have accompanied it, clearing the space on your land and in your being for new beginnings to emerge.
  • Make a spell bottle or sachet. Fill the vessel of your choosing with dried herbs that have associations with the equinox. Some traditional associations include thyme, marjoram, vervain, lemon balm, sunflower seeds, and rosehips. Upon completion, connect with the spirit of these substances, asking them in to support you in your purpose and extending love and gratitude to them for their support. Bless with Jasmine or oils made for consecration, and place in a sacred space.
  • Do spring cleaning or a home blessing. It’s a powerful time to freshen up the energies in your home! Even a quick round of cleaning does wonders to clear energies in a space. Envision negativity being swept or washed away and transmuted as you go, running an essential oils diffuser or spritzing the air with earth-friendly natural scents (be mindful of using oils that are harmful to pets). Or create a spring wreath or bundle of herbs and flowers to hang on your door, blessing it with moon water, singing, or energetic healing work to call energies of protection, harmony, and happiness into your home.  Lavender is a beautiful multipurpose intentional herb that calls in gentle yet powerful energies, as one suggestion. Sprinkle blessed water around your home inside or out, or other animal-safe herbs as you feel called​.

Spring Equinox Plant Your Dreams

How will you be celebrating the Spring Equinox? Feel free to comment with your ideas for celebration, and may your spring be blessed!

With much love and the blessings of the Awen,



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Bucketlist and Unabashed Piscean Ramblings


When you’ve got a zero degrees Pisces nadir, natal Sun and Neptune exactly conjunct one another with Jupiter in on the stellium, and an always-dreamy Out Of Bounds Cancer Moon emotional wiring, intense Pisces transits are bound to leave you wondering what day it is – for starters. Sometimes I joke that my Mercury in Capricorn and Virgo Midheaven are my only saving graces, like the ability to at least dog paddle back to the edge of the pool for something to grab onto when things get intense, or when my ability to keep up with record keeping, schedules, and even remembering that I have a planner (let alone using it) all go out the window.

Times like these also bring up emotional undercurrents, along with deepest hopes and fears, that can be quite trying to move through without other parts of life getting neglected. While it’s not ideal, that predominance of planetary energy always pushes me into a space of facing imbalances within myself that I’d rather not grapple with by nature. Midnight yoga, hip openers, bringing emotions up and out for clearing.

I see it all as being beneficial for evolution, but one especially lovely thing about these transits is that they get me dreaming, exploring the fabric of my desires and what’s stirring in the cauldron. I’m impelled to take time out to let my imagination wander, to see what bubbles up from my heartspace, so I can move forward with new beginnings as planets burst into Aries, and soon thereafter, into my 5th House of Creativity/Play/Romance!

New Adventures and Bucketlist Dreaming

I’ve just taken to cross country skiing after barely having dipped into the sport many years ago. I’ve been re-energized to try new things, found a more exciting reason to appreciate winter in the northwoods (yes, please, give us your tips, please! 😉 ), and am connecting my learning there to how I can better flow with and improve on elements in other parts of life. I have so much more to say about the skiing adventures I’ve been on so far (two, to be exact – must start somewhere 🙂 ), but this new endeavor combined with Pisces season vibes has me dreaming up a new bucketlist, and that’s what I really came to this space to share with you today.

And so I present to you the BiFi Bucketlist as of Winter 2018, in no particular order of importance, because Pisces season!

  • Get good at cross country skiing to the point where moderate to difficult runs are no big thing, and I have the skill and balance to strap on a pack with firewood, thermos with cacao or hot tea, and other snacks for a long, adventurous winter ski into The Back Forty. Wherever that might be. 🙂
  • Take up snowboarding – cautiously – next winter, if I’m feeling up for it. I’ve always been relatively interested, but remember falling and not being able to get up on the hill down the road years ago. I’m not saying I want to get into craziness like spins and jumps and halfpipe courses and stuff, but to be able to carve a sweet path down a powdery slope on a board just seems cool, doesn’t it? I’m the most confident I’ve ever been in this Saturn/Venus Rising body in early middle age, and am only getting more athletic and confident in my own skin as time goes by (not to mention that I think I look the part of even a low-key snow and skate boarder/skiier. And that in and of itself is so very bi/lesbian, at least in some cases. ❤ ::shrugs:: Be who you are and own that shit, right? Right!).
  • Learn all about the Tuatha de Danaan, and learn about other Goddesses and Gods in the Welsh pantheons, too. I prefer reading a little, and then dipping into an intuitive space to allow spirit guides to reveal to me the aspects of themselves they bring forward for my work with them, rather than letting historical material fuzzy up what the actual Divine messages and “living” entity has to share. (Not at all saying we shouldn’t read about these pantheons, goodness no! I’m just saying that I prefer a more intuitive approach by default, for starters and as an ongoing source of guidance and real-time messages.)
  • Completely revamp my wardrobe. Think fairy-type clothes, more fleece-lined leggings and skirts and leg warmer combinations for winter, and nymph-like attire for summer (forest fairy glovelets, anyone?). This also includes switching out my current opalescent tiny nose stud for a ring – a seemingly small change that really brings a new energy and “pop” to any wardrobe.
  • Get funky color highlights. Oh happy day – I’ll be crossing this one off the list next week! Chosen color is a surprise, though, at least for now. 😉 I want to be the old lady with crazy rainbow or mermaid hair or whatever I please, but for now, I’ll settle for even intermittent fun color streaks to liven up my life.
  • Build the second business, and take it straight into the realms of full-stop Druid Priestess work from there. I’m about to hardcore launch my wedding officiating business soon, but see it evolving into baby blessings and funeral rites of passage – basically anything and everything related to rites of passage that people who follow Pagan paths would want, as I feel comfortable performing them. At this point, I see myself becoming a trained celebrant through the OBOD courses, perhaps working within the organization’s guidelines eventually, but also crafting ceremonies for people’s individual needs that might fall outside of official OBOD ritual structures or affiliation.
  • Get. More. Tattoos. I already have my next design in mind (see Elen of the Ways entry from a few posts back 🙂 ), but there are so many that I love, and I’m also exploring more all the time that would be beautiful and hold special meaning. A campfire/camping tattoo is absolutely happening, along with a Triskelle and other sacred symbols, to name just a couple.
  • Get really good at drum set and multi-percussion playing – really good. This has been in the cauldron for quite a while, and I feel the time is coming to begin the new music era in my life very quickly. I have Kila to thank for rekindling that performer’s spark in me, for pushing me to the edge of desire when it comes to getting serious (and playful!) about sound production again so I can start living what I feel is the absolute central part of my life purpose, and that’s music composition and performance in ways that enliven the world and open up channels of awareness to other worlds and realities to those who choose to listen.
  • Becoming the most well-versed astronomer-astrologer that I can, as I feel guided to do so. Astrologers, especially those of us who don’t have veteran status or haven’t gone through certain formal programs of study, often lack a certain amount of astronomical understanding due to being caught up in the realms of charts and symbology at the expense of learning and observing what we might call The Living Sky for ourselves. This knowledge expansion is happening, and soon. Gary Caton’s course on astronomy for astrologers looks fantastic, and will likely be my starting place when the time is right.
  • Orienteering, and acquiring more outdoor survival skills and knowledge. This is self-explanatory, and oh-so-important for even someone who mostly camps at campgrounds. Knots, makeshift shelters, rigging tarps above a campsite solo in the event of coming rain – it’s happening.
  • Do more mountain camping, and add some desert southwest camping and adventures into the mix. It’s not quite in the budget right now, but I visited Utah last summer and fell in love with it. My heart misses Zion and Bryce Canyon and the mountains, but I want to explore Arizona and parts of New Mexico, too (and northern Utah where I didn’t get to play last time).
  • Tree identification, land healing, and other ecological Druidic things. I’ve always approached spirituality from a more ethereal perspective, but the more deeply I get into Druidry, the more I feel the desire and need to understand the earth and all her beautiful processes. As healer, I want to be able to extend that healing to trees, plants, herbs, and the spirit of the land as I feel called to do so.
  • Conscious channeling. This is something for ongoing study, practice, and concerted effort, for sure. My intuitive clarity has expanded multitudes since I began more than a decade ago, but I have friends who can stream messages from the Holy Family, spirit guides, and other ascended beings seamlessly, clearly, and in a way that makes it undeniable that they really are bringing forward wisdom from another realm that’s uninfluenced by personal opinions and biases during the channeling. Goals, people.
  • Heal my food intolerances with grain and certain fruits. I miss eating oats (oh my heart), certain kinds of rice, and other grains as of experiencing an autoimmune crash a few years ago. I’ve healed my issues with corn and coconut products after grounding and connecting with the devas of those foods over time, and know that I can do the same when it comes to other grains, bananas, etc. I just have to put in the time and be patient with the process.

I’m sure I’ll think of other immediate things to add to the list, and have left some off of the list for other reasons, but that’s all I’ve got for now…and that’s plenty!

Have a wonderful Friday, beautiful souls. Sending love, healing, grace, and joy to you all!

Yours in Wild Spirit,


Writing Through the Triggers

Rainbow Heart

Just being who you are can be a radical act of defiance in this world, where just saying “I’m GLBTQ” can be met with disgusted reactions, or people withdrawing from you or saying things like “That’s fine, just keep it to yourself, I don’t want to hear about what you’re doing in the bedroom.”

As if being in love is only about what you do between the sheets? But back to that later.

As the Olympics roll on, we’ve been blessed with incredibly talented U.S. athletes who also happen to be using their platform to speak on behalf of equality, like Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon (by the way, Adam Rippon brought a haul of crystals in his bag to Pyeongchang and credits “witchcraft” for elements of his success – bahaha!).

Gus Kenworthy in particular has had some beautiful, eloquent things to say on the topic, but, unsurprisingly, has also been met with some very immature homophobic responses. I’m speaking mostly about the comments on the Olympic Facebook pages, ranging from everything to a green “barf” emoticon to comments like “Funny, I thought the USA’s flag was red, white, and blue, not a rainbow flag.”

I try to steer clear of commenting on those threads, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I realize that my comment probably won’t even put a dent in the mindsets of the people who embody homophobic paradigms, but I do it for the sake of speaking my truth, for being vocal about issues that I couldn’t possibly be more passionate about. I do it to show solidarity and support for others in the GLBTQ+ world, to provide spoken support to those who might read the cruel comments and feel disheartened, alone, and hopeless (or worse), to stand up and be counted as someone who is actualizing change in the ever-turning tide of GLBTQ+ people everywhere.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: representation saves lives, and every voice that adds to the discussion helps. I for one couldn’t be happier that these athletes are speaking up, because they are a part of the massive movement to awaken the world to love in all its forms. Some may do it for the sake of attention, but I genuinely feel that these issues must be talked about, and the Olympics are a powerful platform from which to do so.

Love and Oneness

But back to the “keep it to yourself/in the bedroom” line of thinking. Is sex and “the parts” really the crux of what the totality of human romantic connection is all about?

What about the desire to share companionship with someone you just click with, regardless of their gender? Of the euphoric heart connections, the bliss feelings that comes from being around each other, of wanting to shout to the world how happy you are because you’ve found someone you’re crazy about and you can’t contain your joy? It that something that some would ask others to keep quiet because it doesn’t match their idea of “right” relationships?

As a bisexual (cis) woman, I can attest to the fact that it doesn’t matter the gender, that’s how it feels. That’s how love and longing and desire feels.

Of course the physical aspect of any relationship is powerful, but I want the world to know how when you get right down to it, there really isn’t a difference in how it feels to be head over heels for someone of any gender. The love and essence that flows is the same.

Lessons in Oneness. Lessons in recognizing love in all its diverse, beautiful forms.

I’m not in a relationship today, but when the time comes, no matter who it happens to be with, no way am I going to hide that away because it makes some people uncomfortable. It’s just too beautiful to hide it away, nor was it ever meant to be hidden away. Same-sex love has always been a part of the human experience on this planet, and it will continue to be so. (More on that coming  soon in a post about an Arianrhod channeling I received last month.)

If my expressions of love and desire make someone uncomfortable – just the same as when someone else’s self-expression and life choices might make me uncomfortable – it’s their issue to unpack. It’s theirs to sit with, to contemplate, to examine what really lies at the heart of it for them to shift and heal. Some will take that opportunity and use it well, while others will not.

Tending to their discomfort is not your job. That responsibility does not reside with you. Your job is to stay radically true to living authentically, with as much openness and radiant joy and self-expression as you choose.

I long to live in a world where people can express love in all its beautiful diversity without it being a radical act of courage. In a world where violence is the norm, and abuses of power are the norm, where women’s bodies are objectified and sexualized but public breastfeeding is shamed, on and on and on, I refuse to shrink back because someone else is not attuned to vibration of love. On the contrary, it’s just proof that we need more of it now than ever as we anchor the frequencies of Heaven in on the Earth plane.

I will shine, shine, shine, because in doing so, I’m living my right to self-expression an expression I’ve denied myself for far too long, and liberating others to do the same.

If you’re reading this, no matter who you are, I hope you find it in yourself to radiate the goodness and authenticity of who you are into this world, too. We all need your beautifully unique expression to make this place come alive in ways we have only ever dreamed of until now. ❤

With love,


Eclipse Season Revelations, and Elen of the Ways Magic

Oh, how I’ve missed keeping up with this blog! Between business projects, gearing up to promote my second business, and keeping up with the local events that I facilitate, I haven’t had much of a chance to take time out to write something meaningful.

But at the same time, I feel that sometimes the time away from writing and sharing gives deeper thoughts time to brew in the Deep Self, if you will, that creates the right space and conditions from which to share more meaningfully when the time is right. Ending thought: the timing of me getting around to writing this post is probably just as it should be. 🙂

So even though it’s very late in the day, or ultra-early depending on how you define it, I’m making time to share some of the most wonderful magical happenings that are afoot, all related to a spirit guide that is most sacred to me – Elen of the Ways.

Meeting Elen: The (Short) Backstory

Lady Elen made her way into my consciousness two summers ago. I had asked to be shown which goddess would be the most appropriate patron goddess for me to work with and work toward embodying more of at that time. After being shown imagery of an elusive figure I in a silky blue dress on the very edge of a clearing where meadow meets forest and gentle deer resting nearby, I requested that I be guided to discover who this goddess was with perfect clarity.

The next day, I came across the most magical painting of a half-deer goddess, with red hair and spiral markings on her body while doing an entirely random search for goddess artwork on Etsy – so wild, so powerful. I knew in my bones that this was her – this was my Goddess. This was the moment that I discovered Lady Elen, and later found Joanna van der Hoeven’s incredible blog post about Elen of the Ways.

Elen of the Ways by LauraRedWitch on Etsy
Elen of the Ways original painting by LauraRedWitch on Etsy

That was the summer of my rewilding, the summer that I went on a solo camping and hiking trip for the first time in my life. The anxiety and thrill of being alone in the woods forever changed me, and this adventure on the Summer Solstice (a full moon in Sagittarius right on my sun, no less!) set the tone for my discovery of the Druid path a year later.

Since then, Lady Elen has helped me find my way through countless situations where the path ahead was unclear, both in the physical and in the astral realms. She has helped guide me in my visioning in ways that have helped me heal inner issues to change the trajectory of a situation that was manifesting so the highest good could be done (I also have Lady Mary Magdalene to thank for this, but my connection to her is a story for another time). Elen is so very elusive, sometimes so elusive that I find myself asking if she’s still with me. And each time, without fail, she appears to me in visions or outer synchronicities that leave me with no doubts about her ongoing presence in my life.

The Latest Adventures

As I’ve been deeply sorting and processing the full realization of being bisexual into my sense of self, I’ve wondered if it might be for the best for me to explore dating women, or at the very least, to connect with local GLBTQ+ groups for a sense of shared experience and support. I’ve had so many hesitations around this, mostly due to painful experiences with homophobia in my immediate family from many years ago. But the more I allow a sense of flow and what feels like the next step – where the “pull” is, where sacred energy is carrying me off to – and the more deeply I integrate my sexual identity into the totality of my sense of self, the more I’ve realized that all will be well in the end, and that I absolutely must honor all of who I am if I’m to live a happy life full of joy, spontaneity, adventure, and fulfillment.

So I’ve asked for guidance on whether to take this road of exploring lesbian relationships as a next step. And to my surprise (“surprise” only because I spent seven years of my life desiring this with no relationship having manifested), all signs seem to point to “Yes!”

…well, that’s exciting, Universe! ❤ 😉

To top it off, I’m beginning to pick up the essence of a specific person, and on the visioning and instinctive knowing levels, it feels as though a soul contract might actually be in place between myself and someone else who’s beginning to align with this connection, too. I was floored nearly to the point of tears, having flashbacks of being so taken with someone in college that was delicately, sweetly, unimaginably beautiful in every way, someone that was not for me, as I was flat on the floor crying because of this unrequited love and longing (and because she really was just so perfect to me at the time).

So here I was, at this point of intense contemplation mixed with excitement, anxiety, and trepidation this week, asking for clarity as to whether or not I was just chasing some unrealistic possibility, or if it really was for the best that I try to make new friends and do some online dating to see what might come my way.

Just the other day, I met up with a friend for a very late Christmas gift exchange. We’d been trying to connect for weeks, but our schedules just weren’t lining up. Finally, after dark in the dead of winter with frigid temperatures, I made my way downtown to hand off her present.

Before we met, she had said, “I have something for you, too,” but I didn’t give it much thought at the time.

When we met, she took a small, round, smooth stone out of her pocket. And on that stone was a sigil she had channeled for me months ago – a sigil I had completely forgotten about, one that she had conjured up after asking me to give her ideas based on an affirmation that held a charge for me.

Elen Sigil
Original sigil, made by Behennaed

Lady Elen – Wayshower, Keeper of the Ley Lines, Interdimensional Traveler, Guide and Guardian on the New and Old Wild Paths. Here she was, emerging once more, nudging me to travel down a brave new road, and reminding me to call on her for courage, guidance, and support as I do.

Tonight I brewed cacao, and blessed my Elen Stone with Palo Santo, drumming, and chanting/spoken prayer. I poured two small servings of cacao into two ceremony goblets – one for the one I feel is coming, wherever she might be, and one for me. I asked Lady Elen, Cacao Deva, and all of our guides and ancestors to bring us together in the perfect way and time with as much grace and ease as is possible so the highest good may be done through us, if it is to manifest at all.

I have no idea what will transpire, but my heart cannot turn from this path. It is the way, no matter where it leads.

For now, I’m carrying a spark of hope, have a newfound sense of excitement and possibility in life, and am putting my focus on career one moment at a time. I’m working toward sorting awkwardness and insecurity around this aspect of myself, going back to the truth that under no circumstances should a single one of us feel uncomfortable about loving, even if it’s a love that some will not understand. Our paths are our own, and entirely right and sacred as Goddess and God are calling to be expressed through us uniquely in this physical reality.

Thank you, dear Universe, for this beautiful, mysterious, experience called Life! And thank you, readers, for holding space for sharing my heart and deepest feelings along the way.

With Love,


Simple Imbolc Celebration and Magic

Wonderful Imbolc ritual post from my favorite Druid blogger, Joanna van der Hoeven.

Down the Forest Path

Cover high resHere is an extract from my upcoming book, “The Hedge Druid’s Craft“, which is another introductory Pagan Portals book and is now available for pre-order.


Imbolc is a gentle festival, where we honour the first signs of Spring after a long winter. It has long been dedicated to the goddess Brighid who has associations with fire and water. Allow this time of year to fill your soul, the air still cold but the warmth of the light from the strengthening sun inspiring you to go out into the worlds and do the work that you have to do. You can light a candle to dedicate yourself at this time to your work, having spent the winter months thinking long and deeply about it. Now is the time to state your intention clearly. You can carve words or symbols into the candle that represent your work, and strew…

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Modern Druidry in Ireland

A really wonderful article about Irish Druidry by Luke Eastwood, for those interested in reading.

Discover Druidry


Over the last twenty years there has been a slow and steady increase in paganism in Ireland which has gathered pace in the last decade. Wicca, introduced to Ireland by Janet and Stewart Farah, is perhaps more established than any other form of paganism here, although Druidry (also encouraged by the Farahs) has grown significantly in that time.

The seeds of the pagan revival in Ireland were sown not here but in the UK in following the repeal of the Witchcraft act in 1951. Following this repeal two strands of esoteric thought emerged into the mainstream via two men who have become very well known in magical circles.

ireland-2701535_1280The first person was Gerald Gardner, author of several books, most notably ‘Witchcraft Today’ which blew the lid off what had until then been a religion practiced in total secrecy. It was Gardner who coined the term ‘Wicca’ and almost single-handledy created…

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Wild Witch-Crafting With Peony Blooms, Root, Seed & Ants – Part 1

Always curious to read what other witches/priestesses/wizards, etc. from many traditions have to share on the topic of magick and earth wisdom! Here’s a good post on exploring the power of Peony from Slavic Witch.

The Witch & Walnut

Wild Witch-Crafting With Peony Blooms, Root, Seed & Ants - Part 1Peonies are a long time favorite of mine in spell work. Each part of the plant from root to bloom and the little ants on top are all magic. Peony plants are are a hardy perennial in my neck of the woods. They can easily live for a 100 years which makes them ideal in workings that require longevity, grounding, stability, working with ancestors. Peony seeds also make a wonderful offering when working with spirit guides and past loved ones.

Keeping seeds on you and the corners of your property and interior of your home are highly protective, they can be made into a bracelet and worn. Bringing a peony plant or its seeds is also a regarded as a treasured gift to the receiver.

Peony root is a strong cleanser I like to use it for expelling and clearing the way, creating ease, flow, moving things to create clarity…

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